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Shopping Cart
1. Why there is no C type USB to buy?
2. Why the QTY of some parts is not fixed?
3. Can I receive the assembled merchants once I bought any Full Parts Kit?
4. What is the difference if I do not buy Options
5. I am getting a message on screen ″Can not accept this order!″ what does it mean?
Shipping and Delivery
1. When I open the box, there is some parts gone. What can I do?
2. How long can I receive the goods after completing the order & payment
3. Can I change my shipping address after my order proceeded completely?
Setup and Repair
1. The scanner lights on occasionally or beeps while scanning barcode but no data shown on my computer
2. When I press the Trigger, the LED light is on but there is no beep sound after scanning the barcode
3. The LED on the scanner is off and no beep sound when I plugged the scanner into the power on computer
4. This is my first time to assemble the scanner and I finished it. How can I test the function?
Products and Specifications
1. Is there any alternative color except the transparent Poly Sticker for YK1 Top Cover?
Physical Assembly
1. Can I mix the assembly of scanner parts from different batches of orders?
2. Why the trigger got broken?
3. My Handheld Barcode Scanner top cover can't fit the handgrid housing.
Order and Payment
1. I can not make the payment via Paypal all the time. Is there any other method to pay?
2. What do I get after I finish online order & payment?
Business Project
1. If I want to buy more units, can I buy the completed products assembled?
2. How can I make the user manual with my own Model?
3. Can I specify the color except White or Black?
4. Can I specify my favorite model no? What is the limits?