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Imaging to have your own scanner on demand?
Yes! You can have it without ordering big volume.
Why do you buy from us?
Because we know what you need
- Have your own brand name and customized manual but with the very few quantity.
What we can do for you?
We can offer you the real barcode scanner with your brand and model name on the user manual. We can customize the firmware for you and you can upgrade it at your side.
Why do you assemble the scanner by yourself?
To avoid the importing regulation of each country, we offer all parts of the full scanners and very simple & standard assembly structures to the customers. You can assemble the scanner when you need it and you can also buy the cable locally if you can find in your markets.
What are the differences of our handheld scanners?
At least 4 engines supporting with mainboard, and we are still looking for the new engines which are better, cheaper and stable.
Connect with the powerbank as a data collector.
VCOM support by standard driver installed.
Smart log file to know the usage of the scanner without any utility.
How easy to assemble handheld scanner?

Build Your Scanner